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Database Encryption

We provide specialized column encryption solutions for large capacity databases. Our solution has perfect key secrecy in which the data and key are not disclosed at the same time. Supports range scans using cipher text, protecting not only data at rest but also data in operation. It also helps you meet regulatory compliance such as PCI-DSS, GDPR, CaCPA, 23 NYCRR 500, etc.

More importantly for any encryption solution, we assure you little performance degradation after encryption.

High Performance

  • Encrypted index search supporting
  • Fast encryption / description engine performance

Large Capacity

  • Low performance drop for the encryption application
  • Simultaneous processing capability

No downtime

  • Fault-tolerance structure

CubeOne Products

  • CubeOne Plug-in : Oracle, MS-SQL, DB2, Postgre SQL, Tibero, Informix, MySQL, GreenPlum, TeraData, Sybase IQ, Altibase etc.
  • CubeOne API : Any DBMS, SAM/TXT File
  • CubeOne for SAP
  • CubeOne Options : Security Server, API Handler

Standard of technical protective measures

  • Encrypted saving of important personal information
  • Saving the access log of information personal information in a separate storage device
  • The access log of important personal information is saved in such way that forgery, alteration, and damage can be prevented
  • Performing access control
  • The password and bio-information are encrypted in one direction before saving

Conformance method

  • Encrypted by column
  • Saving in CubeOne Security Server (saving in a server separated from the DB)
  • Encrypted saving (encrypted information cannot be forged or altered)
  • Access control to encrypted columns (satisfying the requirements together with network security devices)
  • Applying SHA-256/384/512 algorithm

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