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Database Operating Center

For businesses, governments and the general people, data is only valuable if:

1. It is reliably collected, organized, analysed and well presented.
2. It is provisioned quickly and accurately when needed.
3. It is secured from being exposed without consent.

Our solutions are focused to achieve all the above for our customers.

Security vulnerabilities and achieve compliance to security standards or guidelines. All these security needs are achieved via our data protection and security compliance solutions.

Due to company policies or guidelines from authorities, many of our customers prefer to have the above-mentioned solutions (or part of it) in their own environment and managed by their own team. We readily comply by helping them establish their own Database Operation Center and train their teams to be able to provide the following services (but not limited to):

1. Centralized database management (DB infrastructure team)
2. Centralized data provisioning control (Data manager team)
3. Centralized database security management (DB security team)
4. Centralized data integration and analytics (Big data team)
5. Data governance and audit compliance (CISO)

We understand that all businesses and organizations are different, and that’s why our offerings for establishing a Database Operation Center are designed for flexibility and easy expansion according to customer’s preferred speed.

We are also ready to provide the Database Operation Center as a managed service to our customers to overcome skills or resource shortages and allowing our customers to focus on their main operations or businesses.

Contact us to arrange a presentation session or a Proof of Concept.

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