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Email Gateway Security

Safeguard Your People and Their Business Communications

Email remains the top communications tool for businesses, and every company depends on having constant access to their emails.


Trustwave Secure Email Gateway (SEG) solution gives your company the protection it needs to survive and thrive. Helps protect your business against email attacks and ensures your users are safe and productive when they go online and receive email. Helps guard your email environment against modern threats, such as malware, ransomware and phishing, and helps prevent loss of confidential corporate data.


It is a single solution that delivers advanced protection against today’s sophisticated email-based threats, extensive policy controls, and in-depth data security and compliance management.

Enterprise Secured Email Gateway Features:

1. Insightful administrator dashboard with reporting
2. Extensive policy configuration and management
3. Anti-Malware (maintained by Trustwave SpiderLabs):
   a. Traditional Anti-Virus scanning engines
   b. Blended Threat Module (BTM)
   c. Ability to block and quarantine
   d. Heuristics:
      •Known threats
      •Advanced Malware and Exploit Detection (AMAX)
   e. Signatures – outbreak detection
4. Layered Spam Detection
5. Business Email Compromise (BEC) Fraud Detection
6. Email Domain Authentication technology

What Securing Email Gateway Brings to You

  • Safe cover for your organization's email activity from attacks like phishing, spam and drive-by downloads.
  • Protection of your company's sensitive data to help secure your brand and comply with regulations.
  • Access to Trustwave SpiderLabs, our elite security research team, which manages and optimizes your solutions.
  • Control of your users' most frequently visited sites, from Facebook to YouTube.
  • Regulation and monitoring of emailing and web activity, with a policy customized to any size organization.
  • Insight into malware attacks so you can investigate at your convenience.
  • Reduction of burder to your in-house IT team so it can concentrate on other, revenue-generating projects.
  • Premium option brings you 24x7x365 email and phone support.

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