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Adaptive & Agile Database Security

Data Sunrise

The Challenge

In today’s digital age, data is the basis for new knowledge. By becoming data-driven, organizations can gain insights that give them competitive advantages. In fact, many of the world’s leading companies are using data to fuel their success.


While governments and organizations collect data to create more engagement, deliver more innovative applications and services, increase benefits to their citizens or customers, in turn it increases the risk exposure of cybersecurity threat and data exfiltration.


The challenge is to have a database security solution that is adaptive and robust enough to protect against the ever changing cyber threats, also flexible and agile enough to protect an organization’s sensitive data even while actively sharing data for layered data access, application development, testing or analytic environments .

The Solution

DataSunrise’s data and database security is a data-centric high-performance software.  It protects structured, unstructured, semi-structured data on-premise or on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

DataSunrise’s database security gives a homogeneous security experience in heterogeneous environments making it a truly adaptive and agile database security solution.

DataSunrise’s adaptive and agile database security solution comprise of the following major modules:

  • Database Firewall
  • Data Masking

     o Dynamic data masking

     o Static data masking

  • Database Activity Monitoring & Audit

With the following supporting features:

  • Sensitive Data Discovery
  • Database Regulatory Compliance
  • Vulnerability Assessment

Protect Your Data from External and Insider Threats with Database Firewall

A granular control over active security of databases, detection of suspicious database user behavior and prevention of external and internal attacks in the cloud or on-prem.

Comprehensive Database 
Threat Detection

  • Database access control and intrusion prevention with database security proxy
  • Block DDOS and Brute-Force attempts
  • Reports via email, SMS, instant messengers and real-time threat alerts
  • Behavioral analysis and single management dashboard for multiple data stores
  • Allow/deny list of SQL statements and SQL injection prevention
  • Integration with third-party solutions such as SIEM systems

Mask Sensitive Data on-Prem and in the Cloud with DataSunrise

Role-based and location-aware sensitive data masking in all your databases. Data masking can be static or dynamic to ensure that all data security requirements are met and all data in databases remains intact. This feature is very useful to support application development and testing environment, for analytics and statistics environment or for outsourcing and off-shoring projects.

Encrypt and Obfuscate Sensitive Data with Dynamic Data Masking

Role-based data masking of production data in real time. Prevents exposure of sensitive data in production databases. The actual data in the source database remains intact.


Protecting sensitive information if you need to give access to the database to some third-party users while keeping its sensitive contents unexposed. With Dynamic Data Masking, users can work with your live database without gaining access to sensitive data it contains.

Increase Level of Data Security with Static Data Masking

Data protection from exposure in development, devops or testing environments. A complete exclusion of the possibility of reverse engineer the masked data or access to original sensitive records.

Protection of sensitive information by restricting access to unauthorized users and permanent data obfuscating. Classify your sensitive, PHI and PII Data and redact with predefined masking algorithm or custom functions, both on-prem and in the cloud.

Track User Behavior with Database Activity Monitoring

Monitor user activity in your databases on-prem and in clouds, increase the visibility of user actions and ensure compliance.

Increase Visibility into Database Activity

Full control over secure access to an entire database or its separate objects with simple configuration of user access control. Track incoming queries of specific users from specific IP addresses and the ones which contain specific SQL statements with advanced database traffic filters for searching and blocking unauthorized SQL actions for timely data protection. DataSunrise is standardizing the Data Auditing and Database Activity Monitoring across all SQL or NoSQL databases to simplify working with security tool settings and maintain a unified strategy across all databases.

Any Cloud,
One Platform

DataSunrise follows a single policy for all database activities and simplifies working with security tools using a central database management system on-prem and in clouds, SQL and NoSQL and presents it in a single form ready to work. DataSunrise supports over 30 major database systems, cloud providers and database services. DataSunrise has a variety of data sources to provide you with enhanced information about suspicious activity: in-depth analysis of user behavior, detailed audit, visual reports and audit trails.

Real-Time Notifications

DataSunrise enables to send notifications to database administrators and security officers via Email, SNMP and various instant messengers on suspicious activity and attempts to access your database (for example, queries which are not typical for certain users, attempts to access database elements they are not allowed to view, etc.).

Supported Databases and Platforms:

SQL and NoSQL, in the Cloud and on-Premises

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