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Proactive Zero Trust Database Security


The Challenge

The lifeblood of today’s digital business – data – is constantly under attack from skilled, organized, well-funded cybercriminals. With ever-evolving threats such as ransomware as a service, phishing, advanced botnets and insider threats, organizations must leave behind the flawed assumption that networks are secure. The current security approaches fail to protect data as they are built on the legacy network perimeter-based approach.


Organizations must shift to a data-centric Zero Trust approach which will allow them to transform their security programs to match changes required for operating today and in the future.


Zero Trust works on the principle of “never trust, always verify”. It is an assumption of breach and that risk is an inherent factor both inside and outside the network. Proactive is the need to be consistently aware of security weaknesses and the ability to mitigate the risks before it’s too late.

The Solution

Trustwave DbProtect

Secure Databases. Protect Sensitive Data. Go Beyond Compliance.

Trustwave’s Proactive Zero Trust Database Security comprises of the following modules:

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Rights Review Assessment
  • Activity Monitoring

With these modules, Trustwave DbProtect proactively assesses threats to databases to help you gain visibility into the vulnerabilities in your on-premises or cloud databases that could lead to a data breach.

It automates the security of critical data by uncovering vulnerabilities that would-be attackers could exploit, limiting user access to the most sensitive data and alerting on suspicious activities, intrusions and policy violations.

As a result, you can spend less time chasing database security alerts and more time on activities that drive value, like remediating risks and reducing your attack surface.

Many Security and IT departments are overwhelmed with the growing list of cyber security demands. With limited staff and expertise in database security, organizations are often only able to focus on maintaining compliance.


Trustwave’s Proactive Zero Trust Database Security will help you to:

Identify Risk and Respond Intelligently

Continuous assessment uncovers hidden risks, increases data risk visibility and helps guide remediation efforts with intelligence from the SpiderLabs database team

Decrease Access to and Protect Data

Clearly understand who has access to your data as you unravel complex permission grants, detail users’ access to sensitive objects, find privileged users and identify unauthorized accounts

Continuously Monitor and Detect Anomolous Activity

Anomaly detection engine learns the normal patterns of database user activity and will alert on potential suspicious events based on behavioral models and custom DAM policies

Go Beyond Compliance and Achieve Security

Assess database security controls and report findings against leading industry standards and regulatory frameworks at the push of a button

Proactive Zero Trust Database Security

Trustwave DbProtect allows you to achieve a mature, risk-focused database solution.


Protection for on-premises and cloud databases


Visibility into vulnerabilities and threats to guide remediation


Protect your data thru access visibility and rights control


Customizable DAM policies to monitor what matters most


Provide robust protection with minimal impact to database performance


Implement security best practices and surpass basic regulatory requirements


Monthly knowledgebase updates with guidance to safely reduce risk


Integrate with other tools for proactive threat hunting and remediation

Trustwave DbProtect brings Proactive Database Security for a Data-Driven World

Proactively prevent database breaches and go beyond just meeting your database compliance requirements with database assessment, risk visibility, continuous data protection, remediation guidance and active response capabilities for your on-premises and cloud databases.


Comprehensive Database Protection

Discovery and Inventory

Survey databases across your entire enterprise, along with their respective objects, users and enabled security features.

Conduct Assessments

Examine data stores for vulnerability, configuration and user rights issues through built-in and customized policies.

Identify Excessively Privileged User Accounts

Proactively establish an environment of least privilege by gaining visibility into who has access to your sensitive data.

Implement Controls

Address high-risk vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, while assigning exceptions to ones that cannot immediately be patched.

Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)

Reduce the resource burden on internal teams by identifying and alerting on unusual or suspicious behavior.

Audit Privileged User Behavior

Collect forensic audit trails of all privileged activities to satisfy compliance requirements.

Detect, Alert and Respond to Policy Violations

Send alert messages for operations center personnel to take appropriate action when a security violation is identified.

Reporting, Integration and Analytics

Run analytics and reports against your current status and demonstrate progress and operational efficiency.

Trustwave DbProtect Recognized for Its Intelligent Database Security When the World Needs It Most

Trustwave DbProtect Recognized as a Finalist in the 2021 SC Awards

You may have heard the news – Trustwave DbProtect was named a finalist in the prestigious 2021 SC Awards in the Best Database Security Solution category.

We’re excited to add this recognition to the list of industry and customer validation that Trustwave DbProtect has collected over its 20+ years of database security leadership.

DbProtect has racked up these notable accomplishments and milestones:

Protects 1M+ databases in public and private sector industries across the world.

Utilized by 165 government agencies and counting

Recognized as Effective in Reducing Database Risk by independent cyber insurers in the Cyber Catalyst Marsh℠ program

Through Marsh, recognized by cyber insurers Allianz, AXIS, AXA XL, a division of AXA, Beazley, CFC, Munich Re, Sompo International and Zurich North America for its ability to reduce cyber risk

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